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Bleaching or Whitening

Cabo San Lucas Dental Clinic offers you the free sensitivity whitening at a moderate cost. For years one of the problems when getting your teeth whitened has been sensitivity, a kind of pain during and after the bleaching gel treatment


Root Canal Treatment

By far, a toothache is the number one problem that brings patients to the dental office in a small city like Cabo. Usually caused by an infection in the dental pulp (the inner soft tissue in the tooth), which causes swelling and pain.


Crowns and Bridges

A personalized rehabilitation plan may include a number of porcelain crowns. As part of a Cosmetic Dentistry plan for you, the crowns are made after the bleaching process is made, so that all the new porcelain crowns, the front or back teeth match your new white color.


Composite Fillings

The most convenient, practical and natural appearance material to fill a dental cavity is composite.

These materials have several advantages over the old silver amalgam material;

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Dr Jorge Arciga is English speaking doctors with 30 years experience on taking dental tourists for small or big makeovers, while you enjoy your vacation in the fabulous resort of Cabo San lucas.

Dr Jorge Arciga, senior dentist, invites you to take a look at his web site. If you are considering  a brief vacation in Los Cabos, you might get your teeth cleaned and checked during your visit to Mexico. Or, if you are vacationing for a longer period of time, or for the season, consider the possibility of major dental work at a substantial savings compared to "back home" costs/prices.

Cabo San Lucas is a cosmopolitan resort, besides tourists, there are permanent residents from all nationalities. Dr Jorge Arciga, has had the opportunity to provide dental attention to patients from such an international variety. Naturally, the main group of patients are U.S. and Canada citizens.

Dr Jorge Arciga offers the proper dental attention considering the number of days you plan to stay in Cabo, as well as unexpected dental emergencies.